On this page, I would like to share some resources and other blogs which might help other academics exploring the possibility of becoming a low-carbon academic. If you know of any other links that should be included, please hit the contact link above and send a message.


Trainline.eu offers a full European rail travel. It can offer route planning between most stations in Europe and will also give you a range of ticket types with explanations. Not always the cheapest option and sometimes takes some playing with to get the right times and routes. For Eurostar connections, it often only gives you 45 minutes to transfer, which is the minimum check-in time, making it very tight.

Loco2.com gives an alternative to trainline.eu, but with a little less finesse. The route planning provided often goes for the closest to a straight line between the origin and destination, which can put you on local, stopping trains. This can make it slower but more scenic. Loco2.com also has some issues with booking local trains, requiring you to search for a journey and then follow the link to book on the individual train company websites.

Interrail often proves the cheapest way to do multi-day, multi-country journeys. You can buy a pass for a specific number of days travel within a specified time period. All that is required is to then purchase seat reservations for high-speed services such as Thalys and Eurostar, all of which can be done through their online portal. The flexibility to travel on any regular service has saved me €160 in one journey when a connecting train was delayed by 20 minutes, forcing me to catch a later train from Cologne.

Travel Advice:

The classic and my go-to, The Man in Seat 61 provides top-notch advice on routes, bookings and indicative fares: http://www.seat61.com

Blog Posts:

Climate scientist, Peter Spooner describes his arguments and advocacy for low carbon travel to academic conferences as well as tips on what to take with you: https://wp.me/p9RFSq-G

Geographer, Anna Pigott talks of cognitive dissonance, researching impact and the temptation of low-cost: https://wp.me/p4Hbua-4